Liberia tunes into women’s voices


Today the announcer has made the decision not to put into practice the script. She hesitates. Her hands grip the microphone and she or he looks lower. But her voice arrives loud and obvious. “I hesitate to state this. I ...

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Top 3 Heart Shaped Cakes Photos


Fruit Cake While you would expect nothing less from a professional cake maker like “cakes couture” this fruit cake is simply amazing. I hate fruit cake, but I would eat all the rest of eat!   Swirl of Spots If ...

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New York City Air Quality Cleanest in Decades

New York City Air Quality

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg stated on Thursday that his administration’s efforts at reducing polluting of the environment had led to New You are able to City’s getting the very best quality of air in additional than half a century. Sulfur ...

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Strongest Dad in the World

strongest son

80-five occasions pressed his disabled boy, Ron, 26.2 miles in marathons. Eight occasions he isn’t only pressed him 26.2 miles inside a motorized wheel chair but additionally towed him 2.4 miles inside a dinghy while swimming and pedaled him 112 ...

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Shelagh was here — an ordinary, magical life


The Star dedicated unprecedented coverage to the funeral of 55-year-old Shelagh Gordon – interviewing more than 100 of her friends and family – to show how a modest life can have a huge impact. I met Shelagh Gordon at her ...

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Police Officer Drives Woman’s Kids To School

police officer help

An officer’s act of kindness is getting the recognition it deserves thanks to a very grateful mother. Johnni Chevonne Adams’ vehicle had broken down on the side of the road with her children in tow. She wrote, “Thanks so much to ...

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15 Kinds of Women You Should Never Let go


The type of woman who is clean and organized   If she is clean and organized in everything she does, don’t let her go. Few women will admit to taking care of the kids, cleaning, cooking among other things. However, ...

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